How do I use Text Recognition to convert equations in Instant Whiteboard?

To use the Text Recognition in Instant Whiteboard to convert annotations to typed text:

  1. Select Instant Whiteboard  from the Menu Wheel.
  2. Select the Pen tool.
    Note: The pen color selected will be the color of the converted equation.
  3. Annotate an equation on the card. (This can include numbers with exponents, fractions, etc.)
  4. Select the arrow above Text Recognition in the toolbar.
  5. Select Math Recognition indicated by the Σ.
  6. Click and drag your mouse to create a box that completely surrounds the annotations you wish to convert.
  7. Release and the annotations will convert to typed text.

 Note: Text Recognition will not convert equations created with the highlighter.

Last updated: 2017-February-25

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