How do I use the Ruler in Desktop Annotation?

To use the Ruler in Desktop Annotation:

  1. Select Desktop Annotation from the Menu Wheel.
  2. Select Add Tool from the toolbar. The Toolbox opens.
  3. Select Ruler.
  4. The Ruler will be placed on the card.  (Multiple Rulers can be placed on the card.)
  5. Move the Ruler by clicking on the tool and dragging to the desired position.
  6. Extend the Ruler by clicking and dragging the arrow.
  7. Rotate the Ruler by clicking and dragging the circular arrow.
  8. Draw lines by tracing along the edge of the Ruler.
  9. Hide the units on the top or bottom scale by clicking on the Eye icon, if desired.
  10. Select the x to remove the Ruler.

Note: If you have students connected, they can receive and use the ruler if it is on the card. Select Send from the Menu Wheel and select Current Card. Students will be able to change the tool configuration and remove the ruler.

Last updated: 2017-February-25

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