How do I use the Graph Calculator in Desktop Annotation?

To add the Graph Calculator to a card in Desktop Annotation:

  1. Select Desktop Annotation from the Menu Wheel.
  2. Select Add Tool from the toolbar. The Toolbox opens.
  3. Select Graph Calculator. The Calculator will be placed on the card.
    Note: The Calculator uses the entire card. Therefore, multiple Calculators cannot be placed on the card.
  4. Type your expression in the expression list bar. As you are typing your expression, the calculator will immediately draw your graph on the graph paper if applicable.
  5. Select the next row to add another expression to the list or select the + to see additional options.
  6. Select the cog to edit your list.
  7. Select the Save icon to save calculator settings.
  8. Select << to hide your list and >> to unhide.

Note: If a card has an object on it, the Calculator option will be greyed out.  Add a new card to your Desktop Annotation session, then select the Graph Calculator.  No other objects can be added to a card with the Calculator.

Last updated: 2017-February-25

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