What tools are available in ClassFlow Desktop?

ClassFlow Desktop offers the following tools:

  • Browse - allows you to create a new lesson, activity, or assessment and allows you to access recent lessons or convert files to lessons
  • Desktop Annotation- allows you to annotate and use other tools on a screenshot of your desktop
  • Instant Whiteboard - allows you to hide your desktop under a blank white screen where you can then annotate and use other tools for instruction
  • Add Shape- allows you to create shapes
  • Shape Recognition Tool- allows you to turn a freehand annotation into a shape object
  • Pen - allows you to annotate
  • Highlighter - allows you to annotate
  • Eraser - allows you to selectively remove annotations
  • Clear All Annotations - allows you to remove all annotations at once
  • Text Recognition- turns annotations into text or equations
  • Add Tool- provides you with several tools to use on your instant whiteboard or desktop screenshot
  • Component Properties- allows you to determine the color and border of your shapes
  • Fill- allows you to quickly change the color of your background or shapes
  • Capture - allows you to capture an image, video, or audio recording of what is displayed on your desktop
  • Settings- allows you to connect to your online ClassFlow account
  • Connect Students – allows you to connect/disconnect classes and manage connected students
  • Send - allows you to send an image of the current display to all students, groups, individual students (requires connected students)
  • Poll- allows you to poll students or groups of students (requires connected students)
  • Interactive Results Viewer - allows you to view results of any poll you have delivered during the current ClassFlow Desktop session (requires at least one delivered poll) 
  • ClassFlow - allows you access to your online ClassFlow account to access Resources, browse the Marketplace, or manage your classes

Last updated: 2017-February-25

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