How do I use the Capture Image tool in ClassFlow Desktop?

To use the Capture Image tool in ClassFlow Desktop select the Capture icon on the Menu Wheel to reveal the ‘Capture’ panel. Image is the default from the Capture Format drop down.

You will have the option to:

  • Use the toggle for “Add to a Lesson Card” before taking the capture and it will automatically add to Lesson Builder or Whiteboard. If Lesson Builder or Whiteboard are not open and the option is turned on, then Whiteboard will launch and the image will be inserted onto the lesson card.
  • Select Screen if you wish to capture what is currently displayed on your desktop.
  • Select Area if you wish to capture a rectangular area of your choice. Move the + to the area of the screen you would like to capture. Click and drag from the + so the image you wish to capture is contained inside the rectangle.

Note: Recent captures can be found in the ‘Capture’ panel. Selecting the image from the panel will give you more options such as open in full preview, send to student device (if you have connected students), add to lesson (if you have Instant Whiteboard or lesson opened), or delete. All images automatically save to C:\Users\your name\Documents\ClassFlow Desktop.

Last updated: 2018-February-19

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