How do students create a notebook?

To create a notebook students can:

  1. Select Resources then select +New and from the menu select Notebook
  2. In the 'Notebook Properties' panel enter or select:
    • Title – Enter a notebook name (required).
    • Tags – Enter one or more keywords in the box, press Enter after each individual tag. Tagging a notebook with keywords makes it easy to find again in future.
    • Classes – Select one or more classes to associate with this notebook.
  3. Select Save. A section and a page are created under 'Properties' on the left.
  4. Select Section 1 and enter a section title, if desired, then select Save.
  5. Select Page 1 then rename the page, if desired, and start entering notes.
    Note: Section and Page titles are required but students can keep the default name or change.
  6. When done, select Save.

Last updated: 2017-August-29

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