How do I know when others are collaborating on a lesson?

To know when others are collaborating on a lesson:

  1. Go to Resources and select the lesson in which collaboration has begun.
  2. Select Edit Lesson to launch Lesson Builder.
  3. If the lesson is currently being edited by other users, it will be indicated to you (and all current collaborators) at the top of the screen with user icons:
    • Select any user icon to display the full name of the collaborator.
    • If more collaborators are present than can be displayed, select '+' to view additional collaborators.

In addition to the user icons, you (and all current collaborators) will see dots next to card thumbnails indicating:

  • Where in the lesson current collaborators are working
  • Who the current collaborators are by selecting the dot representing a collaborator to display full name

Note: You will see changes being made to the lesson in real time. Objects being currently manipulated will have a dotted outline and will not be accessible.  Collaborators will see the name of the user in control of the object until it is no longer being manipulated or selected.                                                                                                                                                                                 Last updated: 2017-February-25

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