How do I score completed assessments?

To score student responses once you are in Results Viewer:

  1. Select scorable response(s) by doing one of the following:
    • Selecting a question number from the top row to view all student responses for that question
    • Selecting a student from the list to view all responses for all questions for that student
    • Selecting a question for a student to view only the response for that question for that student
  2. Review unscored student responses. (Manual scoring is not available for students that did not take part in the assessment or for any skipped questions.)
  3. Select ✔ to allow the maximum number of points possible.
    Manually enter a score between 0 and the maximum number of points possible.
  4. When finished, select Close to close the Details panel.
  5. Select Save. (Manually scored responses will no longer be considered unscored and you will NOT be able to make further changes.)
  6. Repeat for other questions.

Note: Both lesson-based and stand-alone assessments can contain questions that require manual scoring. For example, a Creative Response or Essay questions will need to be manually scored if they have been set to be scored. However, you can manually score most question types if both the assessment and the question are set to be scored, with a point value of one or more, and a correct answer has NOT been assigned. Questions that have been assigned a correct answer can NOT be manually scored.

Last updated: 2017-August-24

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