What information will I see in Poll History?

Poll history can be accessed from Resources by resuming the delivery of a lesson to a class and selecting the Poll Response card indicated by the pink graph or from Delivered Polls from the Classes page. 

In Poll History, you will see:

  • A thumbnail of the card where poll is stored
  • Poll type
  • Number of students that responded to poll
  • Date poll was delivered
  • A list of students that responded to poll, their responses and how long they took to respond. This information will display for all but the following poll types:
    • Creative Response polls will show a preview of student cards submitted
    • Word Seed polls will show students' word seed responses
  • If applicable, the option to change how results are displayed. You can choose from:
    • List view
    • Bar graph view
    • Pie chart view

Last updated: 2017-August-21

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