What are Polls?

Polls enable you to instantly check comprehension, gather opinions or ideas and suggestions, as well as focus attention or change direction. When you start a poll, the currently selected teacher or student card is sent to all students who have joined your class.

Things to keep in mind:

  • When you start a Poll, students will receive the card associated with that Poll, however, they can only interact with a card sent with Creative Polls.
  • Once the Poll has started, you can show different cards on the classroom display.
  • Students can only send responses while a poll is in progress. 
  • Students can change their submitted responses while a poll is in progress. Each new response to the same question overwrites the previous one, and only their last response is stored; except for Word Seed questions, where all responses are stored.
  • You can pause or stop a poll at any time. 

You can choose from the following poll types:

  • Creative Response
    Students draw or write on the current teacher card. Alternatively, they can use the camera in their devices to take a snapshot, then label the shot, or they can select a picture from their camera roll. When they are ready, they select Submit. Note: Text, shapes and images that are on the card when the poll is delivered cannot be deleted by the students. The objects can, however be moved and resized (where applicable) if they are not anchored. 
  • Word Seed
    Students enter a word or phrase and select Submit. They can send as many responses as they like.
    Repeated responses are automatically grouped together, others can be grouped by dragging and dropping them.
  • True/False
    Students select True or False and select Submit.
  • Yes/No/Don’t know
    Students select an option and select Submit.
  • Multiple
    You choose how many options to present in a multiple choice question. Students select an option and select Submit.
  • Scale
    You choose which Likert scale you want to use: Agreement, Confidence or Generic 1-5. Students select an option and select Submit.
  • Text
    Students enter text and select Submit.
  • Number
    Students enter a number and select Submit.

Last updated: 2016-December-11

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