How do I deliver a Text Poll?

You can deliver a Text Poll when delivering a lesson to a class if you have at least one student connected.

  1. While in Presenter, select the card that you would like to use for your Text Poll
    Select the Quick Poll Access Button from the homepage and choose Text from the Connection Panel.
  2. Select the Start Poll icon from the Teacher Bar. If you are using the Quick Poll option, your poll will automatically begin when you select Text.
  3. Select Text
  4. The card will be delivered to the students connected to the class session.
    Note: You will notice the pause and stop button on the Teacher Bar. You can pause or end the poll at anytime. These same control buttons will be available when using the Quick Poll option.
  5. Once all students have submitted their responses or you are ready to end the poll, select the Stop button to end the poll.
  6. Select Toggle Carousel to view cards.
  7. Select the Interactive Poll Results card indicated by the pink graph to view your poll results.

Last updated: 2017-August-18

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