How do I deliver a stand-alone assessment from Resources?

To deliver a stand-alone assessment from Resources:

  1. Select the Connect Students icon. This will open the Connection Panel.
  2. Select which class you would like to deliver the assessment to and then click the X to close the panel.
  3. Select Resources and browse to the assessment you want to deliver
    Select Search and search for assessments. A list of your assessments will be displayed. 
  4. Select an assessment.
  5. Select Deliver.
    The assessment opens in Assessment Presenter.
  6. Instruct students to log into their accounts and join your class.
  7. Select Start Assessment. (After at least one student has joined your class, the Start Assessment option will be enabled.)
  8. The first question is sent to students’ devices.
  9. If necessary, select Pause to pause the assessment, and then select Resume to continue the assessment.
  10. Monitor incoming responses by selecting the Responses Remaining icon in the title bar. (The Results Viewer opens.) Select the Responses Remaining icon again to stop monitoring.
  11. Select Stop to stop the assessment then select Exit Arrow.

Tip: To keep from displaying student progress on your primary display, you may want to access your lesson-based assessment or stand-alone assessment from another device and monitor student progress from the secondary device. 

Assessments (lesson-based and stand-alone) can be delivered to an existing class or to no class at all using the Open Class option. When delivering an assessment using the Open Class option, results will be saved in the My Feed section. Additionally, student options for connecting to your assessment will depend on the type of class you are using.

Last updated: 2017-August-24

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