What is ClassFlow?

ClassFlow is an interactive lesson delivery system that increases the depth of student and teacher engagement by providing the collaborative use of classroom devices, digital curriculum and assessments for learning.

ClassFlow has components for teachers and students. These are briefly described below.

For Teachers

This is your personal teacher work space in the Cloud.

Here you can:

  • Create, share and deliver lessons, or find ready-made lessons shared by others in your ClassFlow environment (if your environment permits the sharing of resources from Resources)
  • Create, deliver, analyze and score assessments
  • Create classes, manage rosters, and create student groups
  • Store all of your resources, including lessons and assessments in Resources
  • Share lessons with your peers
  • Connect your students’ devices directly to your lesson or assessment

For Students

  1. Join a class for a lesson or assessment
  2. Receive any content from the front-of-class display sent from your teacher
  3. Respond to standard poll questions (multiple-choice, true/false, short answer, etc.)
  4. Respond to creative polls by taking pictures, making collages, labeling images, etc.

Last updated  2017-August-31

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