How do I sign up for a ClassFlow account?

You can sign up for a ClassFlow account using only ONE of the following two methods.

Sign up by creating a new ClassFlow account:

  1. Go to your ClassFlow URL.
  2. Select Sign Up for Free.
  3. Select Sign up as Teacher.
  4. Enter your details. (All fields are required.)
  5. Check the box to receive emails with helpful information and resources and improve your ClassFlow experience.
  6. Check the box to indicate your agreement with the ClassFlow Terms of Service, and the ClassFlow Privacy Policy.
  7. Check the box next to "I'm not a robot."
  8. Select Sign Up. A ‘Congratulations’ page displays briefly and you will be redirected to your new ClassFlow account.

Sign up by using an external account:

  1. Go to your ClassFlow URL.
  2. Select Log In.
  3. Select Log In as Teacher.
  4. Select the icon for one of the following in which you already have an account:
    • Sign In with Facebook
    • Sign In with Google 
    • Sign In with Office 365
  5. Enter login details for the account chosen. (If you are already logged into your chosen account, ClassFlow opens, ready for you to begin.)

Last updated: 2017-January-17

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